arctic design

"a seamless blend of textures and finishes"

And time is like a picture
Which is painted of water
Half of it by me.

Stein Steinar poet

Time and the Water 1964

Arctic represents a new style of living where comfort meets style in a seamless blend of textures and finishes for the contemporary interior. The collection combines the finest quality natural fabrics in a calming colour palette which reflects the sustainable nature of the collection. Organic textures and gentle surface patterning allow the natural character of the products to shine through. Inspired by the beauty of the Icelandic landscape Arctic is imbued with a sense of effortless style.

  • Arctic UK Showroom
  • (Chase Erwin)
  • Ground Floor, Centre Dome
  • Chelsea Harbour Design Centre
  • Lots Road, London
  • SW10 OXE