"new exotic materials such as fish leather"

It is on a day like this one
That I love you like the shimmering stars
And everything is enveloped in a pale light and you.

Anna S. Bjornsdottir

A day in January 1988

Arctic is a pioneer in creating luxurious leather for the home from salmon skin. Usually discarded after a fishing haul, the skins are tanned using hydroelectric power and thermal water and then carefully hand-strung in a small cottage factor near the Arctic Circle. The result is a a fine leather, durable enough for upholstery and yet, soft enough for cushions. Timeless and elegant, with an emphasis on impeccable finishing, it is available in seven colour ways from shimmering Silver and Pearl to Storm and Purple. This novel product offers the option for creating one eye catching feature piece or for more subtle uses on trims, buttoning, piping and tie-backs, or for uniquely adorned cushions. There is no end to the imaginative ways that Arctic Leather can be used to bring interest and individuality to any project.

Salmon skin

Arctic Leather

Salmon skin

Washable Arctic Leather

Arctic Leather Gold

Arctic Leather Graphite

Arctic Leather Ice

Arctic Leather Stone

Arctic Leather Pearl

Arctic Leather Spring

Arctic Leather Purple

Arctic LeatherChalk

Arctic Leather Silver

Arctic Leather Storm

Arctic Leather Wenge

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  • Chelsea Harbour Design Centre
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